Bioactive ingredients: Elderberry, acai berries and lemongrass
Main ingredient: White Clay & Platinum Nanoparticles
Types of skin: For all skin types


Nourishing and cleansing face mask.

Moisturises and cleanses the skin. Treats skin discolouration. Gives skin a radiant, glowing look.

A nourishing and cleansing mask with TOXIC-OFF complex, designed to provide immediate help for greyish and fatigued skin. A base of white clay reduces dilated pores and deeply cleanses the skin. Natural plant extracts clean the skin and intensify the nourishing effect. Natural extracts are combined with innovative nanotechnology (platinum and silver nanoparticles), which work in synergy to smoothen out the skin, giving it a young and radiant look. Silver moisturises and disinfects the skin, intensifying the nourishing process.