Bioactive ingredients: Active carbon and lime
White Clay & Platinum Nanoparticles
Types of skin: For all skin types. Combination and oily skin types, prone to imperfections.


Refreshing and detoxifying face mask.

Refreshes and rejuvenates the skin. Cleanses fatigued skin.

Face mask containing an innovative ACTIVE-CARBON formula, giving an overall deep detoxifying effect. White clay effectively removes impurities and keratinised skin. Apart from the detoxifying active-carbon, the recipe of the formula is based on Gingko Biloba and lime fruit extracts, which nourish and refresh the skin, improving its overall condition. The mask is designed for all skin types, especially for combination and oily skin prone to imperfections. Platinum nanoparticles support microbio- logical stability of the cosmetic and support the action of active ingredients. A highly effective formula, combining natural extracts and active-carbon, will perfectly support a detoxifying diet in order to assist a complex cleansing of the whole body.